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Garden Wall Decor

If is often overlooked to purchase garden wall decor to accompany the rest of your garden decorations. Why not hang a tapestry or a plaque to one of the walls of your garden? Many people consider their entire back yard as their garden, and there are no rules that say that the decorations are limited to the ground.

Garden wall decor is as easy to purchase as normal garden accessories and adornments. You can find wall-mounted fountains, or even create one yourself to give your garden a more custom appearance. You can easily find many do-it-yourself fountain instructions on the Internet or maybe even in the garden or craft department of one of your local stores. Plaques are one the most common forms of garden wall decor that you will find. Many have an inspirational saying, a carved picture, or simply just the family name mounted to the garden wall.

Mounted bird feeders are another beautiful way to get started with garden wall decor. This is much easier for most people to do than hanging a bird feeder from a tall tree. It attracts beautiful birds to come add to your great garden. You can also find many different types of mountable flower pots or designs, made of iron, and especially designed as garden wall decor. This could either be a fun project for you, or you could find a variety of decorations online or in the garden section of a store in your area.

There is no reason that you should have to limit your garden decorations to simply ground ornaments and furniture. It has become refreshingly popular to also hang various decorations from the walls of your garden to add to the loveliness of your existing garden. You could add an additional personal touch with a lovely iron sconce holding a draping plant, or even have your family name hand-crafted by a skilled artisan to hang on a wall in your garden.

Fresh Pikt Garden Decor Guide 2011