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Garden Decor Gift

Does someone in your life have a passion for gardening? The perfect thing to give them for any occasion is a garden decor gift. A garden decor gift is usually a potted plant that they can later transfer into their garden, or a decoration to place in their garden. This is a great idea for holidays, birthdays, a get-well wishing, or even just to let someone know that you are thinking about them.

Wind chimes are a popular garden decor gift because they are attractive and also make a variety of warm sounds every time the wind catches them. Hanging bird feeders are also a popular gift idea. They are simple to put up and refill with food, which make it a mostly hassle-free for the receiver. A bird feeder will attract many wild birds to your loved one's garden to eat.

You could put together a custom garden decor gift basket full of seeds, bulbs, decorations, plant food, or anything else you think that someone would enjoy as a gift. A gift basket is a creative and unique way to give a gift to someone, and it will usually save money that you would've spent buying the person an impersonal gift. Putting together a garden decor gift basket shows that you put thought and consideration into it, which most people would enjoy more than any other type of gift.

Giving a family member or a friend a garden decor gift, for whatever the occasion a may be, is sure to bring a smile to the outdoor garden lover in your life. There is no particular rule or guideline that says the gift has to be a plant or a decoration. Any gift that you choose will be great as long as you think the receiver will enjoy and appreciate it being added to their outdoor garden.

Fresh Pikt Garden Decor Guide 2011